Healthy companion animals cost less.

They get sick less frequently and recover more quickly.

Our beloved companion animals (are they really “pets”?) deserve the best that we can give them.

Our daily decisions like choosing a food and what to feed (or avoid feeding), how (and if) we vaccinate, understanding the options for treating health challenges, etc. matter. A lot!

Understand potential benefits (and risks) of all our options. There is always a choice that works with nature and harnesses the healing ability of the body. Working with the body allows all species to live long lives, with the best quality of life possible.

Your dogs and cats can be vigorous and vital. They will benefit from your making the best decisions.

Holistic medical decision making will show you how.

Does it make sense to reduce any one of your important daily medical decisions into just one piece of the whole? Should you treat an ear “infection” as a separate or unrelated problem without considering all of the other parts of the body and environment? 

Holism takes everything affecting the body into account. Inside and out. It leads to healthy animals that are a joy to behold and live with. They exude vitality and are resilient enough to remain well despite our unhealthy environment.

Learn to holistically maintain health and restore wellness.

Become empowered!

You can become the captain of your companion animal’s veterinary team.


We know that it can be hard to know what to do. That’s why we’re here to help you!

The holistic animal care resources, courses and live support here will help you learn your options and make the best decisions. Decisions that will help keep your pets healthy.

As you learn more you will become more confident about making the right choices. Your fear of dis-ease and symptoms will decrease. You will become the decision-maker and captain of your vet care team. Your pets (and bank balance) will thank you.

30+ years of positive results

The holistic medical decision making method works. My molecular biology and internal medicine scientific background have helped me critically evaluate it. My personal journey and clinical experience and research prove it. You and your pets will benefit.

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Even the healthiest companion animals get injured and have acute illnesses. The 24 hour ER and referral center can be invaluable and save lives.

However, many ER visits, tests and expenses can easily be reduced. Safely. The holistic medical decision making (HMDM) method will show you how.

In 1987, there weren’t many choices if an animal emergency arose. If your pup cut his pad at the park, or your kitty couldn’t urinate there were only a few places to go. Some areas had veterinary ERs which were open all night but closed during the day. Twenty-four hour facilities were limited. They could only be found in the 19 vet schools and a few large referral centers like the Animal Medical Center (AMC) in Manhattan and Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston.

Back then, injuries were the most common cause for a trip to the ER. Severe acute dis-eases made up most of the others. Things like the repeated retching and vomiting of bloat or acute collapse from a bleeding tumor or inability to urinate.

Nowadays, it’s become much easier to visit the twenty-four hour veterinary hospital. There’s usually one right down the road. Even just a few days of diarrhea accidents in the house or a persistent limp may be sufficient stimulus for a visit. There’s one big problem with this scenario. This increase in the more routine use of the ER is increasing your vet bills.  Often unnecessarily.

But has this increase in the use of the ER resulted in healthier animals with longer lives?

The empowerment you gain by using the HMDM approach will help you understand when the ER visit and expensive tests are really needed. It will allow you to take back control of your pet’s healthcare.

Holistically understanding symptoms and their relative importance is the first step.

Use the ER when needed. However, by incorporating holistic thinking and HMDM can help you safely and effectively reduce your ER visits and expenses.

The Holistic Actions Academy can help!

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These three easy steps can help you today.

Improve health and increase longevity.

There are only a few steps. They are summarized below. You can learn to promote wellness and treat sickness.
In some cases, medical mysteries can be unraveled and quality of life restored by using this approach. All living beings can benefit.

You don’t have to be a doctor or be medically trained or even have any medical or biology background to apply it. Anyone can use this straightforward technique to make better veterinary decisions.

You may very well feel confident deciding what to do on your own or with your trusted non-vet advisors. If you don’t, holistic vet experts can apply the full approach.

The path to making the best holistic medical decisions may seem curvy. In a way it is, because there is no one right direction. Dogma (and catma) are not useful when making medical decisions of any kind.

This approach is not quick because it sees the state of health as more than the absence of dis-ease. Holistic and natural health results in freedom.

Freedom from life limiting signs and symptoms like pain, discomfort, fears and anxieties, etc. Freedom to live life to its fullest every day. As animals are blessed to be able to do.

The Holistic Medical Decision Making Framework:

1. Define your treatment goal like health maintenance, better agility performance, working through a health challenge, etc.

2. Investigate all of the possible prevention and treatment options including risks and benefits.

3. Implement your choice and evaluate the results, e.g did the diet change help the diarrhoea or dry itchy skin, is a treatment change needed, etc.?

This summary of the method may seem simple, but it’s extremely effective. Best yet, you can start using it today!

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My mission is helping you to help your companion animal family members. You can avoid the confusion of not knowing what to do. Or how.

Personally, I was confused and pretty upset when I finally learned about the holistic method and understood all of the treatment options that are available. Especially homeopathic treatment. This is an extraordinarily effective and safe form of medicine that I was not even exposed to during my education? WHAT!? How could that be??

As a scientist, I was taught to keep an open mind. We don’t know everything about nature yet. I disbelievingly read about the phenomenal successes of MD homeopaths at the turn of the twentieth century. Even fatal epidemic diseases like the Black Plague and cholera were cured. This was even before the development of antibiotics.

I decided to try it for myself. I used my new knowledge of the totality of the individual to choose a homeopathic medicine based on the symptoms of my first patient: Me. The result was that my own severe lifelong allergies stopped. I had been living on antihistamines during the allergy season until that point.

That was 1998. I no longer need to use anti-allergy drugs of any kind.

Dr. Jeff Feinman, BA, VMD, CVH

I then began treating my own pets. After resolution of a severe brain infection in one of my dogs—when an abscess suddenly formed and drained on his head—I realized that this was a medical therapy that my patients needed. I enrolled in Dr. Pitcairn’s Professional Course in veterinary homeopathy that year. I have been studying the science and art of homeopathy ever since.

Homeopathic treatment is the ultimate holistic medical tool. Problematic signs and symptoms resolve without the need for continued treatment and every successfully treated patient benefits from an improved level of overall health. This is what my patients deserve.

I hold degrees in both molecular biology and veterinary medicine from the University of Pennsylvania. In 1985, I became the first veterinary dual-degree recipient in the prestigious University Scholar program.

After graduation I had intensive training at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston, MA and as an ER vet in Norwalk CT (where I got to “recover” from my internship!)

Since 1987, I have been studying the holistic options while working out of my home in beautiful Weston, CT. By the mid-nineties I was integrating veterinary homeopathy into clinical practice. I am now dedicated to helping you succesfully navigate the medical morass.

I share my wonderful life with Amy (my wife) the glamorous Vanya, a rescued Standard Poodle, and a pair of adorable Rex cats named Tigger and Chi.

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