Hi, I’m Dr. Jeff. I teach you to help your animal companion. Naturally. Using Holistic Actions!

You’ll learn how to prevent and manage dis-eases without the potential side-effects from artificial medications.

Holistic Actions! include learning the truth about Vitality, fresh food feeding, how vaccines induce autoimmunity, etc. The symptom and “syndrome” courses below will help you learn to take control of your pet’s health care, prevent dis-eases and become empowered. During our monthly online Empower Hour! discussion groups and in our supportive online community we’ll help you decide what’s best to do.

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Holistic Actions! Membership

Annual Tuition and Support Currently available only to beta members. This will be your "full access pass" to learn with Dr. Jeff and faculty. Learn Holistic Actions! to avoid symptom suppression.

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Holistic Actions Courses

Learn how to prevent and manage dis-eases. Build and preserve vitality in your companion animals. Learn how and why vitality matters. A lot!

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Holistic Actions Hour

Holistic Actions! To Prevent and Manage Allergies in Dogs & Cats Webinar Class

May 6, 2017, 11am-12pm EST

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